NPT 3/8" cable gland

NPT 3/8
NPT 3/8NPT 3/8NPT 3/8
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Nylon(PVC) Cable gland
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1 piece
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  • Protection Level IP68

  • Size PG7-48

  • Material Nylon

  • Color white,black,dark grey,grey,red,yellow,blue

  • Static state Working Temperature -40 to 100°C, Instantaneous heat resistance up to 120°C

  • Dynamic state Working Temperature -20 to 80°C, Instantaneous heat resistance up to 100°C

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


3/8" cable gland
1.Produce according Samples or Scratch
2.Own mold workshop
3.IP68, Reach, RoHS


Exploded View of 3/8" Cable Gland


Material: 1. Nylon PA6 (Flammability UL 94-2) for A,C,E parts      

               2. EPDM rubber for B parts, NBR rubber for D parts

NPT 3/8" cable gland

Data Sheet of 3/8" Cable Gland


3/8"  npt cable gland
ModelAGCable RangeHGLSpanner SizeBeisit No.Beisit No.
PG 712.53-6,521815P 0707P 0707B
PG 712.52-521815P 0705P 0705B
PG 915.24-821819P 0908P 0908B
PG 915.22-622819P 0906P 0906B
PG 1118.65-1025822P 1110P 1110B
PG 1118.63-725822P 1107P 1107B
PG 13,520.46-1227924P 13512P 13512B
PG 13,520.45-927924P 13509P 13509B
PG 1622.510-14281027P 1614P 1614B
PG 1622.57-12281027P 1612P 1612B
PG 2128.313-18311133P 2118P 2118B
PG 2128.39-16311133P 2116P 2116B
PG 293718-25391142P 2925P 2925B
PG 293713-20391142P 2920P 2920B
PG 364722-32481353P 3632P 3632B
PG 364720-26481353P 3626P 3626B
PG 425432-38491360P 4238P 4238B
PG 425425-31491360P 4231P 4231B
PG 4859.337-44491465P 4844P 4844B
PG 4859.329-35491465P 4835P 4835B

 Usage of 3/8" Cable Gland

NPT 3/8" cable gland

Certificate of 3/8" Cable Gland

The only factory have VDE for cable gland in Asia

The only factory have UL for full series cable gland

NPT 3/8" cable gland

Package of 3/8" Cable Gland

A. Common Packing: Certain Pcs + Zip Lock Bag + Label + Export Carton  

B. Common Packing:Colorful Inner Box + Export Carton            

C. Customized Packing: OEM Label, Inner Box, Blister, etc.   

NPT 3/8" cable gland

Delivery of 3/8" Cable Gland

A.By Courier: 4-7 Working days by special offer 

B.By Air: 7 Working days at appointed airport    

C.By Sea: 20-25 Working days at appointed port    

NPT 3/8" cable gland


A. Strong sales team ensures replying you in 24 hours in time.

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NPT 3/8" cable gland

Mold and Mold Processing Center  

5 Products Development Engineers, 3 mold designers, 49 Technicians, 5 QC.
6-sigma Quality Management System guaranteed.   
Precision equipment are mainly sourced from Germany, Janpan, Taiwan, Korea.

Our technical team can customized any colors cable gland

Research and Development team can produce any Item & Precise Die Mold

according samples or design drawings

NPT 3/8" cable gland

NPT 3/8" cable gland

Injection Machine

Full computer numerical control injuction molding machine are souced from the largest manufacturer of 
injection machine in China. 

NPT 3/8" cable gland

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